Reviews for "Memoir: Text Adventure"


i lived to 130 stats are random


i dont see how ppl like this game. for all of u ppl that play this virtual life game its called GET A FUCKING LIFE.

BlueFlameSkulls responds:


This game is not a text adventure in the way you are led to believe... It's just a replica of the game Alter Ego, which manages this interface more smoothly and with less hassle than this game does. It's sort of disappointing, as I was really hoping for a poignant and engaging text-based adventure or sim.

The flash and design of this game is poor, with a very unrefined and juvenile appearance. The aligning of the text and the box, as well as the backgrounds and buttons with fonts that don't fit in efficiently, makes me feel like the game itself is also a template you used.

All in all, this was not very fun. Alter Ego is great, and if you had managed to bring something new to it I may have been inclined to overlook the copycatting. But because I don't see any new features that make this better, I'm afraid it makes for a rather poor game.

Alter Ego is not so unknown that you can get away with this...