Reviews for "Memoir: Text Adventure"


This game is AWESOME! The only downside is the flashing background. It's extremely distracting.

BlueFlameSkulls responds:

If you press toggle slideshow you can turn it off.

Thanks :)


Pretty damn good. Props


I played it, got beautiful, Arnold Schwarzenegger, life of the party, genius, got married 3 times, had three chldren with my first spouse, I played with my name as John Doe, worked as an A-list star, aged to 130, and ended with a score of 224,800. Second best score of the day! I played it like, over 20 times. Even when I had lke the lowest at everything, I got dumped 3 times, and one time when I actually had a person and just before I proposed they died of cancer... I stll played it 'cause it's THAT fun to me! And, I wanted to see how my virtual life would turn out.

at drak

you get to typ wat ever you want on your head stone and chose who you'll give all your mony to


i got thru the game at 130