Reviews for "Memoir: Text Adventure"

Good game...

It makes one wonder the type of life each of us have to go through though.


Awesome game.

I got a score of 42135, two kids, two wives, and I lived to age 110. Awesome.

I was gutted when my first wife suddenly died of cancer though :s

Woah mann!

This game is so freaking addicting it isn't even funny..
I have played it at least once a day since I found it on here

This was fun! I got number twenty-four for the month. X3
I would get into more detail, but I think others have did it better than I could. >w>
Kind of because I can't really describe my feels. It gets kind of sad the first few play through at the end, but...
Crap. I lost my train of thought...

it's a great game and kinda supprised that i made it to 80 years old before i died