Reviews for "Memoir: Text Adventure"

huh...stupid wife died

i was an old man and my wife gets F****ing murdred and now i have to raise F****ing triplets my F****ing self back in my day murders were done by class by gangsters with Tommy guns heh REALLY GOOD GAME make a sequal with some minigames


I got the bad ending and died from health drop. lol. I WAS A GOOD KID!!! althugh it said i was a feebol old man XD

one word!!

AWASOME!!!! i love how you can play and the fact where sometime you ''get lucky in a party'' :D

"See you in hell"

I didn't think i'd live to 130, it was nice.

Love this game

I lived to be 130, was attractive, a genius, a superstar, body builder, life of the party, 3 children, i got married two times, becuase my first wife comited suicide, oh well, still, my life in this game was great.