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Reviews for "LRD: Rebirth"


I give 10 stars but i lost my lvl 922,102 charactorT-T.AND IT TOOK ME OVER 2 YEARS OF GAMEPLAY TO GET TO THAT LVL!!!!!!!!!!!YOU NEED ABOUT 2 MIL EXP JUST TO LEVEL UP ONCE AT THAT LVL!

Perfect game!

if u have trouble beating hades as soon as u start flee ull win

This series never lets me down

Time after time these games amaze me and keep me entertained...those people who thin this garbage are scumbags


i dont know what those people that gave bad reviews are trippin on but the graphics are much better and smoother than the first the story actually is a story and there is a better variety of items and features like the pets i love the eagle as my pet i think its the best pet on the game but i hope you redo some of your others that you think you could improve on cause i have played and beat every one of the games so keep on doing what you do

awesome awesome game!

its one of the GREATEST and most ADDICTING RPG games i have played in a long time!
i ve finished it and i believe its not very easy and its not very hard either, its perfect!
this game takes patience and the only reason that somebody wouldn't like this game is because they are impatient... great job great graphics (fuck those who think graphics suck) u got another 10 from me!!