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Reviews for "LRD: Rebirth"

A good part of my childhood

Lethal: *beats crab king*

Lethal: *rips of crab kings hand*

Lethal: What a nice flesh of a giant crab!

glitch 2 if you have light or dark power if you use it in the tournement tthe next round you still have it on

Really really liked this! I'm already in level 147, and still ongoing.
But there's a little glitch...
lose or flee to the light priest and gain the light transformation...
lose or flee to the dark priest and gain the dark transformation...
That's it, but aside from the glitch,


i'm stuck at a place where i can't beat story events and i cant kill the enemies at peptidia. i did all the tournaments i can beat so now the only choice is to do training D: