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Reviews for "LRD: Rebirth"

suprisingly good as all ways

your stuff has always new features that make them have great quality keep up the good work


i like your review thereviewguy but i dont see how its alike to adventure quest, i play it but i dont see similar things other than the battle system, and if thats what your complaning about, there are a ton of games with that same battle system, and if your going to say that they compied adventure quest then about 68 more rpgs i know compied adventure quest

First thought I had was,

Battle on? It's that much alike. except battle on was better.

This was average though.

nice remake

was mostly everything i thought it would be but...where is the character customizer?

Not bad...

....but not awesome in any way shape or form. This should be a first build as there are tons of improvements to be made. But it flows(good) and shows tons of talent.