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Reviews for "Turn Based Battle!"

LOL this was fun and hilarious! 5 stars very creative i was laughing all the way up and the first battle music was funny and cute ;D

Very good build, but I found an awesome glitch\bug in the game. If you buy curious and select to heal and then cancel, you can make people who've gone (or even fainted) go again! Pretty sweet game though, no complaints.

this game is actually addicting after a while. i really enjoyed the game, even though it was cheesy.
i also have to agree with Airette about the ratings, but it's just a game and it was fun, so 5/5

It's 10am -- 24 hours since I last slept -- so I'm going to dive straight into the ratings, but with brief descriptions to be fair for the Author before I roll into bed.

Art: 4 stars (though doodly and messy, well animated)
Sounds: 3.5 stars (annoying battle music - my personal opinion, likely)
Controls: 5 stars (pure mouse control)
Gameplay: 3.5 stars (a drag - [spoiler] just one long ass battle ... / interesting shop system)
Overall: 4 stars

Note: I did not rate the storyline even though a plot is present because it is obviously a prodding-fun-of-stereotypes type. To give it a rating is unfair because, individually, I would rate a 3 stars, but it would downgrade a game that is meant for humour purposes.

just beating the game again, just to to hear the song