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Reviews for "Turn Based Battle!"

It was fun

It was pretty fun but it could be a bit longer mabey with chasing after the bad guy but in any other way it was pretty fun

I beat it fast

It only took about 30 mins. last time I played It, It took 5 days. It,s fast If You've Improved

A very clever parody

Very clever. I imagine what it would have been like if I started playing an old zelda game and saw the evil king just walking through Hiro village? I imagine it may be somewhat similar to this. There is not much to review, you did exactly as you intended to, and it was done comically. Though it was boring and only those who can tell it will have some sort of bizare ending will not miss it. Not if you are a true newgrounder. I rank this down some for boring repetition.


lol its so funny


Very nice! This must've been what it was like to fight Frieza... :P