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Reviews for "Turn Based Battle!"

Very fun to play...

however i found that defeating the final transformation was impossible for me. I guess i used the money poorly by using it to resurrect my team mates but by doing that i didn't have the money to give them decent weapons or teach them magic, making the game unwinnable at the end.

The game however is good fun and has some good humor thrown in especially if your a fan of the RPG genre. Good planning and judgment is the key, mess that up and you lose the game.

TBB worth playing, so any one reading this, good check it out.


this is by far the best game on Newgrounds, kudos to you!


Funny. I messed up in the beginning, not knowing there was a shop [silly me], but I got it in the end.^-^
Loved how it poked fun at those two other games and the whole RPG genre of course.
-1 star for the very chaotic feel of it all; the screen moved around a lot, which threw me off. [Not into the ADD culture to be honest...]

But all in all, good fun game.


REally nice game, But I could say its too easy.

Art were cool, Monster were a bit simple but still fun

the ending song is the reason why you want to finish this game =P

Well, Nice work, keep it up