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Reviews for "Turn Based Battle!"

lol,this is actually hard!

really it is...its still epic lol

Lol, Description outside of game page

The DOOGP was a reference to Matt Rodak's "Epic Battle Fantasy", which absurdly is a strange mix between, anime, RPGs, mechs, sex appeal, guns, and, offcourse, narcissism (Matt himself is the main character), which somehow in the end makes a good game (I have nothing against Rosak. Just wish he would make original characters that stick to the storyline). Anyways, you can beat this with 3 out of 4 having daggers. The jokes actually were funny and I laughed my ass off. This kicks the FF game's ass anyday. But, since it was short and you could beat it easily, I took off a star. But, short and easy or long and hard, it kicks ass altogether.


Ewwww the end song is too CHEESY lol nice game :D

pretty good

i think there could have been more attack commands and more powerful ones at that.

term, based

i saw term based so i thought of final fantasy :D