Reviews for "Khuskan - Tombstone"


This is classic. I know the jig itself, you know, the bit thats stereotypical irish, isnt that original, but the song itself class.

Please tell me thats your vocals as well, if so thats completely unexpected.

I was expecting some glitchy ambience as you get in misc.

Khuskan responds:

Well I don't know the jig so it's probably an unfortunate conicidence on my half... I subconciously steal melodys all the time :-\

Yeah, and that is me singing :P


This was fucking awesome dude, that's all I have to say lol

Wery Countrish without being country

Nice :D loved it, with its country style woohoo, youre my favorute music artist here!

Khuskan responds:

It's irish :P


is what I'd like on my tombstone. I expect it now >:(

I thought this was going to be a spoken comedy song. But the comediec (SP?) feel was excellent =)
If you did the singing as well, you get a kudos from me =)

Other than my comment of 'try not to make it sound so cheap', this song is awesome.

Khuskan responds:

Oh no, thats not me. Thats speakonia set to the 'ultra realistic' preset.

I lie, yes it is me ;-)

It was pretty damned hard to make it not sound cheap. To be honest it was a bit of a rushed project, I managed to finish in 5 hours non-stop work, over a single day which for me is pretty damned fast.

Tombstone at my feet.

The mortician has a pretty catchy toon. Nice work on the vocals. Those drums are gonna stay with me for a while, haha.

Khuskan responds:

Gonna write another one like this for denvishday me thinks :D