Reviews for "Khuskan - Tombstone"


this was very funny. It reminds me of the style of my friend Adam who sometimes writes funny songs. your voice was recorded very clearly and everything is done well.

Heheh, loved it.

Dude, I'm even partially necrophobic and I still loved this song.
I just wish the lyrics were posted somewhere, cause there's a part of it I can't hear right. xD

different is good

This was pretty awesome, dude. As others have said, I'm very impressed that you managed to record your voice with such clarity. I have only one complaint. Because you cursed in the last line of the song, specificly "fuck", I am hesitant to share this song with anyone I know. Were you to take this out and replace it or somesuch, this would be one of the best songs I have ever heard. Other than that, though, one heck of a job!

Khuskan responds:

This is quite simply the greatest review I have ever had.


I can just picture that tombstone with neon lights and fireworks...


Did u sing that!!??......LOL makes wanna dance the scottish dance like a guy who escaped fro mthe mad hospital ..........