Reviews for "Khuskan - Tombstone"


That is so classy I can't believe it, I promise you that this song will be played an enourmous amount by me and my friends for the next few days, it's so catchy and...it has a certain something about it...

Allright... :p

By this you are classified as moron of the year :P What the hell is this? Cabaret or something?

This must be by far the most ridiculous song here, and that makes it rocks. Is that your voice actually? Damn, what a hogh quality...

Or whatever.

You never will forgive the day you made this :P

Ps. Already found the data of Outside?

Sweet lol

Nice man...Great writing there man.

Proposition: We team up on a remake and I do some actual instruments :P

Khuskan responds:

well the whistle thing is an actual instrument.. but if you're offering :P


I'm sorry your music fucking sucks...

Khuskan responds:

Said the person with two tracks scoring 1.89 and 1.88 respectively.

How 2x8s and 2x10s average 8 I don't know...

...But 8 just seems like the right score. These kinds of songs are hard to do, because sometimes they end up being cheesy (in a'nother way than intended, of course.

Pros: Very catchy, and already I'm glad I visited your audio page.
Cons: I didn't get the zinger at the end of the song 'cause I can't understand Irish sometimes. :(


Khuskan responds:

I don't need no long haul poem
or rich soliliquay
or a letter to me mother
or expensive neon lights

theres only one thing that I want
to have above my head

I want, pray, on my tombstone -
Just thank fuck i'm dead!