Reviews for "Khuskan - Tombstone"

'Neon Lights...'

Definately an awesome piece... Nothing I can even consider changing a thing.

Hilarious, awesome job mate.


nice song.

I loled until I did cry.

this song WILL be played the next time I go see a doctor, who tells me I may die.


This is definetely one of the most original and most unique productions in the audio portal. I love this sooo much. Very Catchy.
Could listen to it all day. Cheers me up!



This was terrifyingly genius Khuskan. It sounds very professional, it's VERY well-written (though I'll have to listen to it again to make out all the lyrics), musically insanely simple and still interesing, and totally deserving a good flash to go with it (I'm thinking toward theweebl's stuff - why not send him an e-mail?). You perform it very well, it tickles the imagination :)
Awesome work. Fifen.
Say, care to review some of my stuff?