Reviews for "Stress Bunny"


i want to see more flash art work like this on ngs!

I like your style.

The way you choose to tell a story is very unique, unlike any methods I have seen on this site before. I failed to really recognize a plot, but the obscure style you use to animate you characters is very satisfying. I like the song very much as well. A preloader would have been a nice addition, plus the flash and song repeat which eventually becomes pretty annoying.

My favorite part was when the octopi were growing from each other, it looked really cool in the black and white effect. I also like how some scenes were color and some were not, that is a hard tactic to pull off but you did it very well. Overall, it was a difficult piece to understand, but I feel like I accomplished something by watching it. Keep up the good work!

Very creative, but needs some flash work.

As great as the drawings are, this needs some rather basic work done.

1. Add a start action frame, and a stop action frame.
2. The music loops onto itself each time the flash repeats. It needs stops and starts as well.


I like how this movie plays out. Very nice how you were able to get all the detail of every single shot to transition. The song is very good too. I really enjoyed this flash.

fun bunny!

im glad this made front page man! its really creative and neat! even the choice of song was good, but does the last part just keep repeating or does the song just go on for a really long time? neway good work!