Reviews for "Stress Bunny"


wow i faved this it was soo cool lol how long did it take to make it and holy shit it was really really good for your first flash holy shit haha

StressBunnyInc responds:

it took 5 weeks like about an hour each day :D

very smooth

that was great

Pretty nice and smooth

A relaxing and well done frame by frame animation.
The detail put into each frame seems great, and personally I'd struggle to have the patience to do something (for a specific example, I'm looking at the waves near the beginning of the piece).
Whilst I like it and it is very good, there are still a few issues with it. The length is decent, but sometimes small segments seem a little jerky or rushed. Furthermore, the song is a little soft and fuzzy... Despite that, it's not bad, and it sort of fits into the background as a song which isn't too obtrusive.
Simple tip though- end the song before the animation starts again. As is, the music is playing multiple times since it's running as I"m writing this review, and it's starting to overlap each other many times, ruining it ever so slightly. All you need is to put a keyframe at the end of your animation, select the song, and set it to "stop" instead of start, as I'm guessing you have it set to.
It was good though, looking forward to any future work of yours =)

StressBunnyInc responds:

thank you for your very detailed review
i didnt realize that my video would loop like that while uploading im goiing to fix that and repost
you had said that certain parts of my animation seemed rushed, may i ask which parts?
im probably going to delete this video and fix it
it took so long i was just kind of rushing it finaly being done
it is very tiresome drawing every frame for like 735 frames

hope to hear from you again soon k<3

not bad!

this film's actually interesting! Thank you!

StressBunnyInc responds:

thanks but if you thought it was so interesting whyd you give it a 6? lol


But durring the entire movie I was thinking "Wut?"

StressBunnyInc responds:

thats the point , its inside the "stress bunnys" mind and its a deep psychological trip :p