Reviews for "Stress Bunny"


@Bigmac5and5 this is not a remix, it simply overlays the song with itself every time the animation restarts. That said, this is a cacophonous masterpiece, the intricacies of how this song meshes with itself are truly inspiring. I feel this is a worthy tribute to original, Thom would surely enjoy this. It is also pretty easy to see that the song inspired the animation, and thus is every bit as nuanced as the sound it attempts to portray. Overall, despite clobbering one of my favorite songs of all time, this is truly an amazing piece of art, thanks.

That was different!!!!!!

Interesting to see how the ideas jus flowed from one to another.
Loved the animation.
Music suited the feeling really well!
3 Thumbs up=]

Very cool indeed

Awesome animation. Does anyone know what remix of Idioteque this is?

Iz Good

I really liked it what ever was going on in your head when you thought of this needs to happen again


Like one massive acid trip with really cool music. I would have like to have seen it as a real music video but other than that it was really weird but cool at the same time.