Reviews for "Stress Bunny"


Your audio runs over itself

StressBunnyInc responds:

yes i know it was an honest mistake lol


Yes, how come this gem didn't make the front page ? Tom is kind enough to link it in his news post but not to make it front page'd ? What a crying shame.

It's some stunning morphing, the beginning is great too, though a bit laggy, and of course, great music. Why did you raise the tempo though ? It still sounds nice anyway. In particular, I love the minimalist textures and colors, it goes along with Radiohead's electronica. This is chilling and definitely beautiful. That some flashes like this are released here warmens my heart ; that it doesn't make frontpage sodomizes it (which is impossible I know).

StressBunnyInc responds:

awwww thank you so much <3 oh and i didnt raise the tempo. bah. lol :p

Brilliantly trippy

Really smooth and wonderfully relaxing. Well done.


few people can see the true greatness of this falsh is, spectacular!

StressBunnyInc responds:

thank you :)

A flash genius in the making. . .

WTF StressBunnyInc------?!?!?!
You said this was your FIRST flash EVER? Well, all I can say then, is you are gonna bring wonderful things here to Newgrounds! I just can't believe it's your first! I mean, not that I know ANYthing about flash at all, but really, I know good when I see it! I hope to see something else by you VERY, VERY soon. Not only was it nice to watch but you had nice tunes to go along as well.
I just LOVE that sort of morphing, psychedelic style you have.
*to be said like Borat* "Nice!" If I could, I'd reach out and give you a well deserved pat on the back.
Again, nicely done, Girl. Hope to see more. Until then. . .

..........Take care, be good and keep animating, PUH-LEASE.period
(Especially since we girls are so scarce 'round here anyway!)

StressBunnyInc responds:

thanks for the NICE comment! yeah its my full flash
and the reason why im called stressbunnyinc is because my little doodle i always do is stress bunny and i thought itd be clever :D
yay for girls
yeah this place is a vagina ghost town