Reviews for "Pixel"


best game best song best things ever in this game greater then me idk y


This was by far the best flash game i have ever seen. It had great graphics, the music fit the game really well, the character controls well and there plenty of ships and modes to keep people coming back for more. I think this game could be a huge hit if it were to be made into a Wii or DS game. Nice job.


I've played Pixel before on another site but I was amazed then and now, playing it again I still love it, it is an amazing game and the soundtrack is just perfect for playing along with. 10/10! Seizure mode is just wild!

Seizure mode O_o

great game fun but seizure mode pwns every other game ever lol

Great Game, Great Soundtrack

Get this ported to nintendo DS now! Incredible!

I beat the game first time, with all the unlocks, :D.