Reviews for "Pixel"


I love this game! Yes it was a little easy and short but it's a good way to waste some time. This was the first flash I ever played and I remembered about it after a year so yeah thank you.


but it's a little too easy. doesn't really require any skill, and there's only one difficulty setting. played through once and unlocked everything, which doesn't allow for a sense of advancement.

one thing i do particularly enjoy, though, is the HP system--losing HP when you fire, and gaining it by collecting pixles. very nice, but it's too easy to stay alive.

and finally, i love the music. made me very happy inside.


But very easy. Beat it on my first try.

Holy shit i love this game

wasted enough of my time to get a score of 114761866

Too easy

I really liked this game. The only problem was that it was insanely easy. I made it through the whole game with the first ship. Also i figured out how you can pretty much instantly get to the final boss. All you have to do is fly around in circles until a large amount of enemies get concentrated in the middle of the screen and then turn and fly right into them guns blazing but if there are too many enemies the computer lags like crazy. The coolest part of this little trick is that it creates a huge shockwave if you have the second to last ship which shoots its pixels in all directions.