Reviews for "Pixel"


I gotta admit, I really enjoyed this game 100/10 man!


I wish i could rate 15/10, this game put me in a great mood, it was fun, and flawless. I got a combo of 246 :D

Loved it

This game makes me happy. just happy. the way you made the game so easy makes it relaxing and play strategy, none needed! Literally :D! The flying colors as you shoot or collect are amazing. So just sit back it your chair put it on seizure mode after you complete the game and play as the second best ship then move the mouse and hpld the button as if nothing matters. Wakes me up from when I'm bored or I just go play it for the fun of it and no reason :D. Awesome job I love all your games Herointeractive! :DDD


Combo of 115.

Great game, a bit too easy.

It's a really fun game, I love how well built it is and all, and how you lose HP when you shoot, but it's just a bit too easy.