Reviews for "Pixel"

Crazy yet addictive

A very interesting game, some of the visuals and overal feel remind me a bit of flow, but the game itself is still very different. I love the art direction in this and the choice of design for your ships. It is unusual that your health is related to your ammunition and pixels, but I think it works for this game. I like the way the colors meld on the screen and chain with the mood of the game. Also the way the pixels spread as enemies are destroyed reminds me as though you are attacking enemies with fireworks.

My biggest complaint though would have to be that it's a bit hard to aim with the way the ship is designed and while it looks great and flows well when moving the mouse, it makes some aspects a bit difficult, though it's not a huge issue. Great game either way.

So unbelievably addicting.

Really fun!!
I loved it.

great game!

really fun enjoyd plyinf it over and over

The song?

Where is the song XD. I want it XD.


bubble tanks easter egg?