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Reviews for "RAGEK"

Very cool!

The animation is REALLY good. I saw the style and thought it would be OK but the animation really made it worth while. Keep it up. ^^

Hulalaoo responds:

Thanks :D

damn, that's one insane cat

that was um..interesting to say the least lol. it was nice how you blended half of everything in pop culture together and still maintained a smooth transition and animation. the only thing that would have made this video better is some background i think, but then i guess maybe you wouldn't be able to see the fluidity of the motions as well. nice job though =)

Hulalaoo responds:

thanks dude, the idea is improve my aniamtion in really :D

Not bad!

It's a pretty damn good flash! Even though I watched some of my favorite Newgrounds classics get beaten to a pulp xP
But I can take a joke =]
At the end though, you should've made him fight Tom Fulp xD
Or The Beard!!!
THAT would've made it epic as shit =]

Hulalaoo responds:

In really in make a fulp battle in others of my animations

Way to make my day!

Great job with the animation! Loved the cat and bunny part where the cat dies and the bunny gets kicked from "There she is"... I am glad you didn't Kill everyone, only the weird ones like "Salad fingures" and "blockhead" even though they were just saying hi, pico wasn't killed, just kicked, I loved it.


Hulalaoo responds:

30 hours in a week :D

Yay! :o

Great job again dude! keep it up and u get a cookie :o

Hulalaoo responds:

thanks guy, i really need a cookie :O !