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Reviews for "RAGEK"


just runs up like 'HI!!!' and OFF WITH HIS HEAD

your awesome!

that was cool he iced like, all the greats lol

Hulalaoo responds:


Great animation

the detail was awesome and the action was great but it's sorta offensive on some parts, I hated it how you had to kill nabi and doki then you also had to kill blockhead, saladfingers and bitey.


Just.... Wow!! He kicked everybody's ass, lmao. Take that, "There She is". xD I was like, "What the hell?" when I saw them. He even killed Goku! Kakashi put up a decent fight. :P Say, what was that bunny/cat thing that came from the air and punched him a thousand times?

Hulalaoo responds:

bunny killer, a famous bunny, of a accion serie

Nicely Done

I think this was very well done and I say that speaking of this as an intro not really as an actual flash MOVIE you know? Lol oh and am I mistaken or did i see that robot had a penis?

Hulalaoo responds:

optimus prime have a pennis :3