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Reviews for "RAGEK"


this movie makes fun of every populer flash......
i love it!!!!

Hulalaoo responds:

Thanks guys : o o l

I actually rather enjoyed that.

If there's anyone you ever thought was cool, Rage Kitty will kill them. Twice. That is just badass. The animation was a little wonky, but there weren't any problems or obvious mistakes. The music stopped and started when it was supposed to, and while the perspectives were a little off, the fact that he killed Optimus fucking Prime makes up for that.

Not bad

So he kills other NG characters? I won't miss some of them. but I was wondering why it looks like Optimis Prime has a penis... was that on purpose? O.o

Hulalaoo responds:

XD, because this is the zone of the pingas :D


very cool! i love when he pwns kakashi from naruto haha