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Reviews for "RAGEK"

Spend more time working on it

The animation was low quality and there was no background, but had a nice music going on. And all the actions were too fast to fully apreciate (I had to watch twice to see all the plot). Put more frames between the scenes to make then smoother.
I know this is just a flash to improve your drawing skills, but I think it would be better if you just improve then BEFORE submitting some real thing. You would have better movies to show and probably more popularity. Or you can just continue with your way since most of your flashes ends on the top 5 of the day. Still, I'd rather see better things coming from you.
Anyway, good job and good luck training with frame by frame.

Hulalaoo responds:

"the animation was low quality", you say, all tween aniamtion, only need a draw, have more quality of animation frame by frame??!! SIR SORRY, BUT YOU ARE A GREAT RETARD IGNORANT OF 15 YEAR OLD OF SHIT, YOU NOT HAVE IDEA OF NOTHING, FIRE YOUSELF MOTHER FUCKER !
For make a tween you make a draw and move for more of 5 seg, how more of 30 frames, and aniamtion frame by frame, i draw 30 draw diferents, YOU NOT HAVE IDEA OF WHAT IS ANIMATED, STUPID !!! STTUUPPIDDD !!!!


well deserving newgrounds! and he didn't attack Mastermind that's what I liked most !

It was pretty good

The art made the animation seem not that smooth, and it was extremely confusing. It was interesting to watch though.

Pretty Ok

I like the idea but the drawing kinda sucks

Somehting's wrong =\

It's not playing. I pressed play but it's only showing 1 scene of your character, but this sounds pretty cool anyway, so I'll give ya a 10.