Reviews for "Jenna Moonlight Sim II"


I really like this game, my only problem was that the pond just stops talking about half way through the game... that kinda sucks. Otherwise, awesome game!


it could have been better, had there been a better ending. I mean i work so hard, for an ending that is mediocre at best. PLEASE tell me you'll make a second one with a better ending???

it is a lil dry.

ok. jus curious. is this ur first dating sim? if it is not bad. BUT it is a lil bit dry. maybe a mini game or two and some animation will do a great deal of interest. but hey keep on keepin on. good music.

Not enough sparkles

urgh.. it's like Stephanie Meyer made a dating sim.
No, I don't mean that as a compliment.

Gave you a three stars since you at least have a lesbian end.

Bomee responds:

I hate twilight myself.

Wow this is cool

this is the most interactive game I ever play the graphic 10 and the story line 10 you deserve a great rating

Bomee responds:

thanks, that's very generous of you!