Reviews for "Jenna Moonlight Sim II"

For people stuck with bad endings.

1. Have 550 xp with that person
2. Give them at least one of ALL their favorite items.
3. Cast the spell that helps them.
4. Kiss them at least once.
Each character has a dress that they like Jenna to wear, it helps, but is unnecessary.

I %u2665 it and..

I wish I knew how to beat it!!! I've tried to get a good ending but I've gotten the bad one every time %u2022%u25CB%u2022.... ehehe......... how to get a good ending?


loves this game soo much! end of story :)

How do you...

The game is fun and all but I don't know how to cast a spell. And that kinda buggs me!
Other than that I love it!

How do i?

Cast a spell on the character I choose? I'm sorry to seem like an idion but it's been bugging me because I get to the end and I don't know how.

Love the game by the way!!!