Reviews for "Jenna Moonlight Sim II"

Oh yay!

Oh my goodness! I think I overlooked this one! I have to play it now! Your dating games make me think that relationships aren't so bad (which they really are), it's a nice break from reality :) Take care :)

What the hell? >.>

I think you may have problem with your tristan ending. I played the game twice just to make sure (took me ages) but I still didn't get the good ending. Let's see I had 570 xp, a couple of sucessful dates, gave him all the things he wanted, cast all of the spells just in case and the one for the human hunter twice. But I still got a bad ending... why?

:( +10

I love the game i like the first one too, only i fell in love with the blood prince and lived happily ever after.
But my ended sad cross, my love was kill.
but at lest there was a pic at the end with cross and blood prince on it.
Oh well the game rocks still.
So bye I'm going to the dark side, they have cookies..........and blood, lots of blood.

I love this

I love How you can talk to her shadow and it responds to the correct thing I love it!!!

Mysterious...yet fun!

I like the way you drew the characters in a detailed way like the first, pretty good game! Make another! I'm bloodthirsty for a third!