Reviews for "Jenna Moonlight Sim II"

Nice music

I have a small problem, I can't give neveah an axe and now I can't get her happy ending. Aside from that I like this game, mostly because of the music XD.

Amazing game.

Way better than the first. This is your best dating sim so far! Your evil guys are amazingly cute, I can't even feel bad about beecoming evil. *Grins*


As always your work amazes me! You imagination is great and you create the most romantic stories!! Thank you for your great work and i hope that you'll continue making games so wonderful like this!!!!!!!

Very good

So creative... I don't know what else to say, I really like it, I haven't tried the other guys yet. Sometimes a little tricky. But I like blondie the best so far, he's so cute. awesome.

Book worthy

great game as usual bomee
if it was a book id buy it (or at least read it)