Reviews for "Shopping City"


I kept playing for a long time! Like mohammadrtr said: One Word: AWESOME!

And I can't get pass Level 2, it's hard :S

Going To Recommend This Game For My The Next Weeks YouTube Video: Top 10 Game - Week 29. This one will certainly get involved :D



being on level 7, at 99% and failing.. kills a guys will to do it again. its great, all i ask is re-do it in my opinion and make upgrading the buildings charge the customers more, cuz its stupid i should spend 6K so i can get another building to bring in 75$ ya know? other then that 10/10 5/5 great game!


great game.
can you make a sequel for this game, but its like the sims?

TD game?

It's a great game(and reminds me of tower defence games)
I always play through and finding myself say at about 34% done when its a 6/12 days and i feel that i won't be able to do it but then in the final few days, the money comes in and i am rewarded with some nice finishing music :)
though i have yet to play far enough to face a fire or robbery.
4/5, 10/10 so far for the graphics, music and overall gameplay.


This is the best management game I ever played.