Reviews for "Shopping City"

Great game!

Great and challenging game! But has a few MAJOR flaws, and a few smaller problems

The structures are generally not balanced. This makes the restaurant and toy store absolutely useless in my eyes, while the jewelry shop is SUPERIOR when it comes to bang for the buck. Computer/night club/supermarket is in my eyes mostly "filler" structures, only useful after you force the people through all the levels of the jewelry shops.

The repair system could be greatly improved. To suddenly have to spend 60k to repair a structure when saving up for a supermarket upgrade is BRUTAL.

I didn't really find the benches and such useful during the later levels, they should perhaps be revamped in a sequal to this game.

I missed some better tooltips. How long will the customer stay in the store? How will the upgrade affect the income/effective capacity? That would be very helpful when trying to build the city as efficient as possible.

The difficulty was a little high. It didn't really bother me too much (since I love challenges). But spending 30 minutes on the last level, only to get 98% is annoying. Perhaps you could make a medal system, which will open up some new levels when you get enough gold levels.

All in all... GREAT GAME! Can't wait for a sequal (which would have to be some levels longer). Keep up the good work

funny game

pretty fun game

Great Game

I have to be up in 2 hours. The only reason I'm still up now is because I couldn't stop playing this game. I loved it.
The only two bad things are that there's no way to view which path the people will take for sure before you start placing buildings and the incompatible intersection entrances (they'll go into a store on one side, but not the other) were kind of odd, I thought.
But other than those two small things, I thought it was a great game. I didn't think it was too hard and the strategy involved was fun. Fantastic game.


good game keep up the good work

I quite enjoy these kind of games! ^_^