Reviews for "Mega Man X takes steroids"


It's great! funny, entertaining, and great music!. Plus, u can really connect with wat's going on if ur a fan of megaman games. No player interaction, but nevertheless, excellent!

Okay it was hilarious..

It really was. What was even more funny was when, megaman turned "32-bit" The Sonic Adventure 2 song, from metal harbor started. It was so funny to hear a sonic song on a megaman X video..Anyway, hilarious.

that was awesome

u know that bee got what was coming 2 him. ya know gettin his gangsta partner over 2 rough him up, but it didnt make any difference cuz megaman pwnes all joo fools (fools as in bad robots and mavericks:).

I like it

Funny and yet very advising.

one question...

It was pretty funny, and true, but you tore appart the side effects from steriods with mega man, yet apparently, sting chamelon needs to use the bathroom.....lol