Reviews for "Mega Man X takes steroids"

I bet this got u an A

I'm sure u got a passing mark for this man. If I was a teacher, I'd pass u. Good job, and keep up with edutainment movies man. They kick ass.

Fuckin Cool

The movie and humor are very good, but it gets boring in the end. Anyway, the movie are cool and the message are good too. Keep it the good job up!


that ruled! I almost thought it was going to be a crappy 30 second sprite movie, but it wasnt! and I'm voting 4 for that ;D.

Educational and funny!

As usual, Mr. Cass provees to be a great master in flash.wats that? dont believe me? check it out!

What the heck is with steroids?

That's stupid. Mega Man taking steroids just to kill a bee? My grandma could do that! Anyways, I liked it. Not too bad, I guess.