Reviews for "Mega Man X takes steroids"


It's great! funny, entertaining, and great music!. Plus, u can really connect with wat's going on if ur a fan of megaman games. No player interaction, but nevertheless, excellent!

that was awesome

u know that bee got what was coming 2 him. ya know gettin his gangsta partner over 2 rough him up, but it didnt make any difference cuz megaman pwnes all joo fools (fools as in bad robots and mavericks:).

YAY!!!!!!!!!! steroids

this week on megaman takes steroids, megaman finds out just what steroids can do to u , all bees were harmed in the makeing of this video even though someone else made it

I like it

Funny and yet very advising.

Here is Megazilla!

I like it!Make part 2.