Reviews for "Mega Man X takes steroids"

Informative, Funny, well done, good music...

I could go into details, but to sum up: DAMN good. I hope you got an A

Very Very Cool

That was damn good work, I hope you wornt trying when you made this because id like too see what you could doo if you did. "KICK-ASS JOB"

Some Hype?

-it was good, funny and the thing i like most about hese school edu. movies is that unlike other flash movies use fuck and shit to emphasize and its fine! but it gets old and repetitive.
-Nice use of pixel editing.
-Nice Cameos and musical effects.
-Overall a great movie that has an original non-repetitive sense of humor, and its megaman! how could you not like it?

Hurray for educational-ness!!!

That has got to be the best damn drug video I have ever seen.


THAT WAS HILARIOUS!Espacially when X was going to kill the giant bee!HAHAHA!!!!MAN THIS ROCKS!