Reviews for "Mega Man X takes steroids"

At least X isn't a baseball player

There were so many small jokes in here that it just made the whole movie interesting. It seemed like is slowed down toward the end though. Hope no one ever "spikes" my drink in the club.


appear in a tortilla in mexico... like when the virgen de guadalupe craze was going on!

This was just plain awesome. and had better quality than most sprite flashes I have seen.

And I liked the fact that youu stick to the game very well.

................YES! im 32 bit... it was retarded but I will allow it.

HAHAHAH! lets go kill that bee! I mean.. so much over a small thing ahahaha!

... actually.. im just an halucination youre just having...

I loved this flahs it is awesome it PWNS and its going strainght to my favorites.

and Im gonna close this because I am revealing all the jokes


thats funny awsome because that actually happens when you take to much steriods.

that was pretty funny

dang, wrote my whole review in the title space.

It was so awesome...

Awesome!!!! It was like, SOOOO COOL!!! Too Awesome. Funny!!!! Good Job!!! Make More!!!!