Reviews for "Mega Man X takes steroids"

wow u did this for ur health class!!!
its an amazing work dude

DragoonFenix15 responds:

Thank you! I still look back fondly on this one :)

I didn't read that this was something you did for health class. Edutainment is such a funny word. I still wasn't expecting something so serious from you. I love this because it really did stick to its message that steroids were bad. I'm so glad there's a drug we actually got something right on. There are an infinite number of misconceptions about every other drug.

It really was a heartwarming cartoon. The sprite work was as masterful as ever. The idea of the bit powerup was brilliant. I certainly hope you got a good grade in your class. You got a good one here!

DragoonFenix15 responds:

Well, the full story behind how the presentation went is... after all my work, the TV set this was displayed on didn't play the sound! The entire class watched it totally mute, but... it still got huge laughs out of everyone. I couldn't believe it! I'm pretty sure I did get an A. Wow, this was... sophomore year in high school!

Everything is great, However, Mega Man X is Dr. Light greatest and powerfulest creation, How could he lose to a bee?

Also, didn't anyone else thought the Free cookies were drugs?

NOT MegaZilla,But Hyper Megaman from Marvel VS Capcom

Is that... Earthbound in the background for the hospital?