Reviews for "Mega Man X takes steroids"

This was good

The movie was good and it gave a lesson of drugs. It couldve had more violence like a boss or something except the giga bee(the best part on the film coz it was like WTF megaman is BIG and I look like sucka)... hehehe.


that was mad funny, "X... WTF IS THE MATTER WITH U!? A BEE KILLED U" that was good and bee seeking missles and i also like the part when Forte(or Bass in purple helm) spiked sting chammelion's drink with a foot ball... lol make another one

pretty good

Yeah it was pretty funny ( I didnt know forte date raped other mavericks) anyway how did your class react to this


Well it was good..
Question: Is it seppose to be an "don't do drugs" message in this movie?

I liked it but......

dont you think the south park pawn was...alittl.....cheap?