Reviews for "Mega Man X takes steroids"

XD haha

ok ok!! hahaha absolutly cool animation, hey can i use your animation and put voices??? im mexican, and your proyect like me so much, please send me a message n.n


This is why robots should NOT take steroids....or caffine

Here is Megazilla!

I like it!Make part 2.


megaman got killd by A FREAKIN BEE if i k new the game that was based on and i got killd by a bee THAT BEE WOULD BE MUNCH MEAT HELL FUCKING SUCK MY DICK and thats why i have anger problems XD DIE FUCKING BEE*shoots bee wit gunner* LIKE THAT BEE

hmmmmmm... tortilas...

no really, i like tortilas! and that part where zero sez: ''damnit! he own me 10 bucks!'' whas funnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy XD! please, make a part 2!