Reviews for "Hillside Settlement"


some people look at a vast plain and see grass, but only a few look and see the future. this was a great flash. any entrepreneur would appreciate what you have depicted here.

best thing on newgrounds

it shud b num1 in port


Abosulutely awesome idea,
the only thing i didn't like was the zooming in during night, a bit choppy,
(Could be my computer)
The animation is faboluos,
Keep up the good work
100/10 50/5

CircusFreakFlash responds:

thanks a bunch :D

Cute :D

I loved this flash! nice work!

Awesome Job

This was a lovely little flash animation.

My only problem with it is that at certain points it seemed the frame rate dropped a little, distorting my vision a little. This could have been my computer, or just me.
Great animation overall