Reviews for "Hillside Settlement"

stands out in the crowd

I dare say that this be the standard for some flashes!

insperational WELL DONE

AMAZING loved it :D love the horse at the end when hes drulling XD

that was awesome...

the graphics wee so smooth, it run so well, animation was PERFECT everything about it was great except you could have added sound with the music to go along
I just wish i could give it 100/10


This seems fun if it was a game too but this movie shows how a settlement is made and good work on the art

Magical to say the least.

I'm going to have to watch your other flashes now. This had such an epic feel to it and the music fit perfectly, really takes you to the world where the village is being built.
It's interesting your comment mentions your desire of making it into a game, as from the start of watching I had the same desire. So to that end, the best of luck.
Otherwise I feel like little could have been improved, perhaps the grass texture could have been more detailed? I mean, when the only complaint is about grass I think it says alot towards how perfect everything else was. The characters were stylized and cartoony but it just seemed to work, it all seemed to work.