Reviews for "Hillside Settlement"

I had to log in and leave a review...

Because "miketheangel" is obviously a 12 year old tool. This was a great video. brought tears to my eyes. Children can't really understand the beauty and truth in this video. Pure showmanship. Epic songtrack too. Great work!

Liked it but...

Giving u a five still liked it heres y im giving u a five read this!!!

1. The Movie needs to be longer

2. it needs to be fun better and funny

3. it needs a reason OR a question y he it doing it

4. Do not put freaky horses *i liked it funny but weird*

5. needs a war

6.and do not show the building waiting got bored just show the building u finished

Thats it ok if ur reading this im happy to say make part 2 of this!!! for a edit

Probably my favorite. Ever.

Friend. This is perfect.

In every way. Excellent animation.
Touching "plot".

And in every aspect... It made my spine tingle with joy.
I love this kind of stuff... and you nailed it brother.

Word up.

very good

a excelent job of animation and history

That horse just looks crazy

I think the horse at the end wants to eat him