Reviews for "Vector Boom"

woah it was very difficult especially when enemies where by health bar

Fun game

Well here was a fun game, lots of levels and lots of upgrades the graphics are really good I actually spent a lot of time on this but I could see you adding more medals, really entertaining game and it keeps you interested so nothing dull here just a fun shooter up game.

More medals the 2 are ok but make both easy moderate and heavy levels of medals.


All this game is missing is a highscore table... and maybe an easier survival medal, seems like reaching 225 is based more on luck with power ups than actual combat ability, since there is only so much you can do to stay safe (get a shield or max power) while incinerating targets the fastest you can. I enjoyed Normal mode though, and the style of attack feels pretty refreshing compared to the usual click and kill. Simple, innovative and spacey fun. Good game!


It's not bad...but why would you put enemies on the screen that I can't even touch unless I get lucky and get a powerup...

you deserve 5 stars best game i played at first i didn't like it but after different stages and upgrades with it made it really fun an addicting to play keep up the good work :)