Reviews for "Llama Adventure"


HATE lvl 7, and beware of muffin the cat!

Awesome X 10

Not only is this the GREATEST text game ever, it is one of the best of ANY games. I cant believe one person can make so many cool games. keep up the good work! ;)

Epic game

this is the best text game ive ever played. one problem though, the code from dark cut 3 doesnt work.

holy crap

this is the game were you use the easter egg codes from all of his games, i cant believe it i forgot all of them so i must go back and get them

I ADORE this game!

I love text-based adventures, and this has to be one of my favourites!
Okay, okay - so it's an infinite loop of doom!

But I swear, one day I will find a way to the penthouse ))

Now, on to the review!

The interface is GREAT! Acceptable codes and things you can use are in colour and the little chime tells you the game knows what's going on. This is SO helpful! Although part of these games is sometimes figuring out what code to use, for some people I know this can be frustrating and this is a great way to combat that.

It's super accessible, the puzzles are easy (but not so easy as to be boring) and it's fun!

The text is witty and just generally makes me smile.

Also, there are llamas (and let's face it, Llamas are awesome!)

This is a great all-rounder for people who like text-based games (and for people who've always wanted to try them but gave up in classic rage-quit style because of accessibility issues).

Well done!