Reviews for "Llama Adventure"


this game is more fun than windows console!
it responds to everything you type, it's like a friend.


Its an ok puzzle game, it was sort of confusing so... Sorry for the low rate but i couldnt understand what to do and the commands etc... i might be a retard or whoever is reading this might be really smart, but i couldnt do it and i had a feeling that after i finish a puzzle, theres like no reward... Theres no like high scores so..,

gets boring

it gets boring after a while

But..the llama

It was fun until the end...Well what should have been the end. I did not like that it just sends you right back to the start playing a llama who is now playing a llama in a computer game. Now the llama shall never escape. I hope it dies playing llama adventure.


Usually I like games that end in a joke, but with as long as it took me to get through all of it I was really pissed when the final room requires you to play "Llama Adventure". So basically you locked me and every player of the game in an infinite loop of torture. You get a 3/5 and a 6/10