Reviews for "Llama Adventure"


ABOUt TIME!!!!!!!! but seriously great game :D


I thought this game was wonderful. A nice puzzling little game which had me confused for a while. Rather funny at times too.

Anyway, I thought that nobody would get it, but it seems that Zodiaark has explained the ending.


Really funny,well-planed and well-placed jokes and challenging enough

[OMEGA SPOILER] For those who can't understand the ending,the Llama is playing Llama Adventures,where you control a Llama playing as Llama playing as a Llama, ad infinitum ,got it?

f in llamas

i will say this i did like the game but the ending well i still dont know what happens. makes me a little up set. for now its a 9 just because i am upset i started something and cant finish it. game play is a 10. thus far this has been the best game i have seen on NG. clever all the way. a thinking llamas game some would say.


Did you guys notice that he called his dog penny then later called it cindy?