Reviews for "Pirate Defense"

Great game

Great game it was really fun to play but there could have been more traps to use.

Good Game but coulda been better o:

its a great defense game but i think it all coulda been more smother when designing it

Nice game

1. The menu xD great
2. The game is a bit short but really nice
3. The song at the end is AWESOME! :D

Great game..

But like the other members say, there should be a way of controlling the number of crates in the game, or not being able to place the crates in places like the top of the screen and such. Other than that...great flash. 9/10. Fived.


Great tower defence game love the trap style even if it was a bit hard at begining, in harder lvls gold isn't ballanced on how they r hard to kill and how u get money btw