Reviews for "Pirate Defense"


This is probably the worst tower defense i've played. This might be my personal opinion only. I believe you should have specific OBVIOUS spawn points and the boxes should be cheaper so you can build better paths. Sorry about the bad review but I just couldn't give this any sort of positive review because it's plainly bad.

Finally, the next gen tower defense game!

For a very long time (imo) was DTD/MDTD the best tower defense there was.
You could buill your own path and end up with some nice strategies.
Though this game, this game has opened up so much more, path building wise and strategy wise. I'm... so... happy:P

Btw, 10/10 is only for games that hook me, and Flash games dont get me hooked very fast. 9/10, Great score:P

P.S. Blacksheep you dont deserve to play fallout.

I know something funny,,,,,,,,,,

Press next round until you cant
do that anymore then you will
have to fight an army of pirates.


this is definately one of the funniest tower defense games I have ever played!! the main menu is just awesome :DxD
the game is something you never see at other defense games: TRAPS!!
and believe me they are the best thing of this game, but wait it is still not over with the fun!!!

there is the theme song!!!!! omg, believe me, this is the funniest pirate song you have ever heard :D:D xD XD I wanted to sing along but unfortunately the lyric is slower than they singing :D:D but it is still funny as shit xD :D

not that good

sorry to say it but i could just not get it to work, in my opinion there are much better games, sorry