Reviews for "Pirate Defense"

Too easy but fun

Now for me the strategical possibility of creating an unbeatable maze was just enough motivation to play the mode "101", but since there is a Trap that reduces the current life of the pirates by half it just was too easy.

For the cooldowns and trigger-timings of the traps, i have to say wow man it looks like you sure testet your game a LOT
This tower defense game was the very best (of flash td's) i've ever played.

Now for "getting me" an over 400,000 points score, hundreds of "OMG combos" i really have to admit that you're an hero of an flash artist!


Instant 10 because of the song..
And I failed at the actual game.. xD Only got to the second last level arr

Great and funny!

Lol the pirate song!

its not bad...but,...

its not bad but does need more weapons and options...plus it needs more levels and such :) but besides that its very creative and i loved the song :) make some more games ^_^ hope you fix it up some more!

wow man!

absolutly fantastic. it takes a lot of stradegy and all, but once you get used to it, it becomes a very fun game